Creative Process

Hello, thank you for considering to work with

We Strive to make more than a graphic for our clients. We try to help you find your identity.

When you (the client) take the time to fill out the questionnaire, we can both be certain that each other understands the project’s goals and history. As a brand designer, it is my job to provide the perfect solution for your company and ask the right questions. And as a representative of your company, your job is to educate me on your company goals and needs the best that you can. For that purpose I've prepare a questionnaire to get the conversation started and cover the necessary bases to start. When you fill it out carefully, it also informs me that I am working with someone who cares about their brand as much as I will.

Again, thank you so much for choosing our experience, training, taste, and passion to bring your project to life. Take a look at our process below before we get started.

1. Foundation

a. Questionnaire

This is the most important phase of any project. It will ensure steady progress and remove the chance for the project to collapse by asking questions about the project goals and objectives in detail.

It will also keep us on check and ensures the objectives are met, and a project timeline is built.

This must happen on written form, not through Skype or phone. Both parties must have a clear understanding of the project goals written down to avoid clouding of expectations and objectives as the process moves along.

Cost of service/product is not discussed prior to this stage, since it is impossible to value the project.

b. Follow-up

After completion of the questionnaire, you will be contacted to discuss your answers and the project in detail, and take notes of special project requirements. From this stage we create a contract.

c. Contract Agreement

Once the contract has been reviewed and accepted, it is to be signed and returned along with the initial deposit. This is when you leave me the keys—in a sense—and also when the design process begins.

2. Preparation

Here, I spend time doing research on your target audience and competitors/heroes. Things that can help differentiate you from the rest, yet reach your goals and audience will be taken into consideration. At this stage your input will be procured in order to validate our research and your involvement is key. This will provide the foundation for the development of the brand.

3. Incubation

This is the process that helps me internalize your design. Initial ideas are explored and as the goals and research simmer in, they influence the direction of the design. Many iterations of different ideas are sketched during this time.

4. Intimation

Out of all the possible directions, I select two or three of the best concepts for further exploration and fine-tuning.

I may or may not procure my client's input during this point.

5. Illumination

This is when “The One” is found. At this point, a direction is chosen based on my expertise and the project’s goals. A cleaned up version of the sketch is re-drawn with guidelines to adjust spacing issues, curves and angles. More or less, this is what the final will look like excluding some minor changes.

You guessed it, can’t see it either. You’ll see it soon.

6. Verification

The best idea and solution is consciously verified, elaborated and applied to all deliverables


The final sketch is scanned and traced using vector-based software. Any last minute adjustments or tweaks will be made accordingly.

Final Artwork

With the artwork digitally traced/reproduced, color is explored while keeping the goals, research findings and target audience in mind. Everything from size, spacing and alignment are all carefully considered based on the type of application(s) the artwork will be used on.

7. Delivery

Presentation & Deliverables

The final artwork is supplied along with a presentation documenting the creative process and pilgrimage of your new brand with every design decision that I made. Upon delivery, the final invoice will also be sent and the source file(s) will then be emailed after the payment has been made.